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Phonak Work Life strives to provide innovative Swiss-engineered wireless hearing accommodations (Roger) coupled with guidance for students in post-secondary education or employees in the workplace. We believe that life’s dynamic nature demands a holistic approach which considers solutions beyond a hearing aid.

For years, the most help people with hearing loss were offered was a hearing aid. While hearing aids help tremendously in the near field, there are significant limitations to what the devices can do. That’s why Phonak has created a state-of-the-art wireless listening system called Roger. Roger products do what hearing aids cannot and bridge the gap to provide seamless listening in a variety of environments.

Whether you’re in the classroom or the board room, Phonak Roger wireless hearing assistance can provide the boost you need to listen and interact with complete confidence. If you find yourself struggling to hear what is said during classroom discussions or workplace meetings, it can be hard to participate and contribute to group discussions. By using a wireless listening system, however, you’ll be able to pick up on conversations from multiple points around the classroom or the conference room table with ease.

Our unique wireless hearing assistance devices are programmed to automatically adapt to varying situations, picking up on voices while eliminating background noises. Phonak mics and receivers are compatible with any hearing aids or cochlear implants with a T-coil. They can also be paired with software solutions like Microsoft Translate, making the technology ideal for those who are going to school or working internationally in an environment where multiple languages are spoken. If you’ve hesitated to travel or work abroad because of hearing loss, you don’t have to be held back any longer. Phonak listening devices have been created so you can be free to explore the world.

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