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Real stories from real people

Stories from people living their life, without limitations, using our products.

“Now I can live my life to the full”

“Grandma, now you can hear what I’m saying, have you had your ears fixed?” These were the words of Bev Gray’s youngest grandchild who turned towards her pleasantly surprised when she could hear what he said for the first time.

Roger Select – a crystal clear companion

“I don’t go anywhere without my Roger Select.” These were the words of Lydie Guillier, a 40 year-old logistics manager working in the banking sector in Champagne-Ardenne in Reims, France.

It’s like getting your hearing back

“At last I can actively participate in both meetings and the social scene at work. I couldn’t do that before I started to use the Roger Select™ which has in some ways given me my hearing back”, says Trish Crowther. It is clear that her quality of life has been increased.

“Better than anything else I’ve tried before”

I feel 100 percent secure in the knowledge that I’m hearing everything correctly, and that’s a wonderful feeling.

“It is possible to live life, no matter how good or bad you hear.”

Shouldn’t it be completely normal for a 23 years old girl to go to the university? Just like anybody else, all hearing impaired would be able to continue to studying. Therefore, all universities and colleges should be equipped with the right technology and technical facilities.


When I am finished with my studies I want to work with marketing.

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