You need more than a hearing aid

Solutions to help individuals with hearing in a courtroom

Fully participate in a courtroom.

Individuals that experience hearing loss may have difficulty hearing in a courtroom where a speaker may be at a distance or the acoustics make it hard to hear.  They may need an assistive listening device to help “boost” their hearing.

Our Advanced wireless microphones and receivers bridge the understanding gap by wirelessly transmitting the speaker’s voice directly to the listener, and allow people with hearing loss to fully participate in a courtroom environment.

A Few Facts About Hearing Technology for the Courtroom Environment


Technology exists to allow people with hearing impairments to fully participate in hearings and trials.


The Americans With Disabilities Act requires every state courthouse to be accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing.


The technology is compatible with most hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Hear the difference

Listen how Phonak technology enhances hearing aids by cutting out the background noise and allowing you to hear clearly even at a distance.


Distinguishes the spoken word


Transmits speech to hearing aids


Allows hearing at a distance

How will Roger help in a courtroom?

  1. Ease of use – no more channel planning, this is done automatically – if interference is detected in the
    environment the Roger system will select a new channel automatically
  2. Eavesdrop security – encrypted signal
  3. Multi-Talker Network – ability to pair together multiple mics and receivers to cover a larger room or
    multiple speakers/listeners. This is ideal for classrooms, meetings, courtrooms, etc..
  4. Continuously monitors background noise and speech in environment – noise suppression and gain
    settings adjust automatically to provide the best possible speech understanding
  5. Fast transmission time – no time delay
  6. Compatible with virtually every hearing aid/cochlear implant; can also be utilized with headphones
  7. Full audio frequency bandwidth to ensure speech understanding across the speech spectrum
  8. Meets ADA Compliance standards

For every situation

Advanced wireless microphones and receivers cover a variety of listening situations, whatever people do or wherever they go.

Small meetings

Meetings with four or five people can be a challenge and quite overwhelming even with the most powerful hearing aids. This is where the Roger Table Mic II is particularly useful. Simply place it on the meeting table and it will transmit the sound of the person talking directly to your hearing aid

Large meetings

For larger meetings, you can use as many table microphones as necessary, because they form a system and transmit speech to your hearing aids from wherever the conversation takes place.


When using different multimedia, Roger™ microphones make hearing audio easy. Simply connect your Roger microphone, using the audio cable, to bring these essential sounds directly to your ears

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