You need more than a hearing aid

Solutions to help individuals with hearing loss thrive in the workplace

Fully participate and exceed at work.

Modern hearing aids or cochlear implants do a great job in improving hearing and understanding in the near field, but in the far field, further than 4.5 feet away, extra boost is needed, especially when there is background noise.

Our Advanced wireless microphones and receivers bridge the understanding gap by wirelessly transmitting the speaker’s voice directly to the listener, and allow people with hearing loss to fully participate and exceed at work.

Digital technology has been scientifically proven to help hearing instrument users

million hearing Impaired employees between 18-64


of people with hearing loss are in the workforce or are in educational settings

million people between 20 and 69 have high frequency hearing loss due to exposure to noise at work or during leisure activities

million Americans have experienced tinnitus lasting at least five minutes in the past year

Hear the difference

Listen how Phonak technology enhances hearing aids by cutting out the background noise and allowing you to hear clearly even at a distance.


Distinguishes the spoken word


Transmits speech to hearing aids


Allows hearing at a distance

Participate fully at work

Noise and distance affect how well people with hearing loss can hear and understand speech sounds.

Advanced wireless microphones and receivers use intelligent algorithms that reduce background noise and improve the signal to noise ratio by increasing the speech input level. They offer crystal clear speech understanding and enhance speech perception in noise.

For every situation

Advanced wireless microphones and receivers cover a variety of listening situations, whatever people do or wherever they go.

Small meetings

Meetings with four or five people can be a challenge and quite overwhelming even with the most powerful hearing aids. This is where the Roger Table Mic II is particularly useful. Simply place it on the meeting table and it will transmit the sound of the person talking directly to your hearing aid

Large meetings

For larger meetings, you can use as many table microphones as necessary, because they form a system and transmit speech to your hearing aids from wherever the conversation takes place.


When using different multimedia, Roger™ microphones make hearing audio easy. Simply connect your Roger microphone, using the audio cable, to bring these essential sounds directly to your ears

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