Roger with Live Captioning

Roger with Live Captioning

Combining captioning with superior audio quality can have a profound impact on students’ performance in school.

Live Captioning

Captions for the entire classroom in real-time. View subtitles on the teacher’s PPT presentation and on student’s mobile devices.

Free Transcripts

Download free transcript available upon presentation completion.


Connect the Roger signal directly to hearing aids and Roger Soundfield speakers.

Easy to Use

Download the translation app, plug & play.

Phonak Roger + Microsoft Translator

Captions are an easy but impactful way to aid students who have trouble processing speech and auditory components.

• Improved Understanding
• Improved Retention & Focus
• Improved Test Scores

Microsoft Translator in action

For this demo, English is the chosen speech and captioned language – highlighting the use of live captioning for the deaf or hard of hearing community. Users could also join and participate in other languages (not shown in this video).

What You Need to Get Started

Roger Touchscreen Mic

The Roger SF Touchscreen Mic continuously estimates the surrounding noise and automatically optimizes the volume, ensuring that speech remains loud and clear for everyone.

The Roger Touchscreen Mic offers compatibility with hearing instruments and personal Roger receivers.

Roger DigiMaster X

The DigiMaster X receiver can be plugged into an existing soundfield system to ensure every listener enjoys Roger-quality speech understanding. Classes can be recorded by attaching it to a recording device.

• WiFi/Wired Internet connection
• Laptop w/Windows 8 or above
• Presentation Translator for PowerPoint (free download)
• No Recurring Fees

Download Set-up Instructions Here

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