Studies & Research

Significant improvement in speech intelligibility and listening effort in meetings with RogerDirect™ and Roger Table Mic II

Using a hearing instrument with RogerDirect in combination with Roger Table Mic II in meeting-like situations, can improve speech intelligibility by 69%, when compared to using hearing aids alone. In addition, listening effort can be significantly reduced. This isimportant information for people with hearing-loss-related
workplace stress*.

Significantly better speech recognition

People with hearing loss require a more favorable signal-to-noise ratio than normal hearing people in order to communicate in complex listening environments. Hearing aids and cochlear implants allow people with hearing loss to hear and understand speech better.

Although there are situations when a hearing aid is not enough to have good speech understanding. The latest microphone in the Roger family, Roger Table Mic aims to provide better speech understanding and intelligibility in meetings. Recent study shows significant improved speech recognition at 3 and 4.5 meters using Roger Table Mic.

Speech understanding in noise – hearing aid wearers plus Roger versus normal hearing listeners

A study by Professor Linda Thibodeau at the Callier Center for Communication Disorders, part of the University of Texas in Dallas, revealed that the usage of Roger systems in combination with hearing aids resulted in significant improvements in speech understanding in noise at 65 to 80 dB(A) noise levels over traditional and Dynamic FM technologies.

The average improvement in speech recognition afforded by Roger over Dynamic FM at the 80 dB(A) level was 35%. At 75 dB(A) there was an improvement of 54% over traditional FM.

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