Identify a Need during your evaluation


  • How can COSI or other “situational” questionnaires assist in identifying a need for ALDs?
    • Allows patient to target 5 or more specific listening situations for improvement, track progress, and set realistic expectations along the way
    • When target or goal situations include large groups, hearing at a distance, or dynamic working situations and ALD can be reasonably justifie
  • How can QuickSIN or other similar tests assist in identifying a need for ALDs?
    • SNR loss of 7-15 dB indicate directional microphones, start to consider FM as well
    • SNR loss of > 15 dB indicate maximum SNR is needed, an FM must be considered

Introduce ALDs as part of the hearing aid selection process


  • ALD benefits overview
    • Lessen the effect of background noise by improving signal to noise ratio – i.e. capture speech at the source
    • Eliminate the effect of distance – with each doubling of distance the speech signal loses 6 dB SPL
    • Less mental fatigue/strain to the listener
    • Lessen the effect that reverberation/poor room acoustics have on the speech signal
  • What Financial Aid Options are available?
    • Click here for a comprehensive guide to financial aid
    • For additional financial aid links click here


Benefits for your Practice


  • What kind of incremental revenues can be expected?
    • $ varies by state -> fee for exam, fitting, and paperwork
    • New patient referrals at no cost
    • Contact us for more information:Phone: +1-888-421-0843 E-mail: usa@comfortaudio.com
  • How can VR partnerships benefit my practices?
    • Become a VR authorized provider and receive patient referrals for free
    • Government funding is available specifically for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals in the work-life environment
    • Funds can be used for things like hearing aids, therapy, assistive technology, etc.
    • Qualification criteria for a patient are as follows:
      • 16 years+
      • Employed or have a goal for employment and
      • Able to benefit from hearing services in terms of gaining or retaining employment


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