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We face a multitude of societal challenges today. How we adapt determines our progress, particularly in the way we work. For companies and the workforce, challenges bring organizations, leaders, and communities closer to their core values. This can deepen connections with stakeholders, and add more substance to initiatives that bring organizational values to life.

Bringing these values to life means including everyone. Diversity, equity and inclusion are values based on human rights, accessibility and the intention to improve society. Creating a culture of inclusivity is achieved through collaboration, not appropriation. Authenticity is fundamental to transforming best intentions into reality.

As advocates for overall well-being, Phonak does more than innovate hearing solutions, but also seeks to help change the lives of people with hearing loss so that they can thrive. Enabling support, accommodation, trust, and a recognized belonging at the workplace is essential to this mission. Together we have the opportunity to empower the people who are core to your mission, and beyond, through an inclusive workplace.

By partnering together, we can unlock potential and inspire the future of work through our leading example, making a greater impact.

If Seeing is Believing, Then Hearing is Feeling

Phonak has been committed to developing, producing, and distributing life-changing hearing solutions for more than 75 years.

While the prevalence of hearing loss continues to grow, Phonak is passionate about creating solutions that change people’s lives to thrive socially and emotionally.

For the first time, Phonak is now formalizing a partnership program with industry-leading companies who put diversity and inclusion as a top priority and don’t want hearing loss to be an obstacle for their employees’ performance and well-being.

Through the Phonak Well-Being at Work Partnership (W@W), Phonak seeks to connect employers and employees with expertise, solutions, and HCPs to harmonize workplace accommodation for those with hearing loss.

The partnership extends further in joint communication on the importance of making the workplace accessible to all, sharing our use cases and unique success stories to spread the word and inspire other companies to follow our example.

Why Roger

Modern hearing aid technology does an excellent job of improving speech understanding. However, 31% of hearing aid wearers report they still have challenges hearing in noisy, complex listening situations, like the workplace. Phonak offers Roger, an intelligent wireless technology that transmits speech directly to hearing aids and cochlear implants, helping to overcome distance and noise. Roger microphones allow people with hearing loss to work more easily – a big step towards more inclusive societies and greater personal well-being.


Relief is gained beyond alleviating listening fatigue, promoting well-being and realizing team potential, but also in organizational benefits resulting from the due diligence taken in reasonable accommodation – a more inclusive culture, attracting and retaining talent, acquiring relevant strategies for an aging workforce, staying ahead of accommodation obligations and compliance, tax incentives, and more.


Roger solutions can be tailored to the work environment. This includes analysis of the employee’s situation and advise on the best reasonable accommodation to be provided for the company to meet and anticipate the employee’s needs.

Expert counsel continues throughout the life of the products implemented in explaining how microphones work as well as any additional ongoing audiological support by a reputable hearing care professional.

What Roger set-up is right for my work situation?

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For more information on the ADA accommodation process please visit:  askjan.org or www.ada.gov

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Since 1947, Phonak has been dedicated to preserving social, emotional and physical quality of life by opening new acoustic worlds for people with hearing loss. We believe that well-hearing equates to well-being and thus is essential for living life to the fullest. Today we offer the broadest portfolio of innovative hearing solutions. In close collaboration with hearing care professionals around the world, we continue to focus on what matters most: improving speech understanding, changing people’s lives and having a positive effect on society as a whole. Life is on