Roger Pen technology

The Roger Pen is an incredible piece of technology. If you’ve kept up with any of my previous entries you already know it is the unquestioned leader in providing speech understanding over distance and noise, 54% better than any competitor. In addition, larger networks of microphones can easily be created to capture multiple speakers. Pair this with the ability to record meetings and lectures alongside your iOS device, and you have a powerhouse tool.

But what else – can we push the Roger Pen further? What about captioning?

I set out to see if I could replicate my successes recording with the Roger Pen in the captioning realm, and the results are in:




The simplest method involves recruiting the Bluetooth functionality of the Roger Pen paired with the power of an iOS based device (smartphone or tablet) plus a free application called “Dictation – Talk to Text”.

From our research at Phonak Worklife we know that captioning services can be extremely costly. While captioning via Roger might not be the best solution for every individual, for many it will be a suitable option and the cost savings are immense.

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