Live captioning is often the first and best choice for many students that are hard of hearing.  Captioning provides all of the below benefits:

*Reduce professor vocal fatigue

*Facilitate more effective attention and learning

*Creates notes/transcript to study from

Until now, live captioning has been an ongoing and costly endeavor. Working alongside Phonak Roger technology, Microsoft Translator for Education finally brings an accurate, cost effective alternative.

This new marriage of technology features: >90% accuracy – sometimes even better than live transcriptions with technical subject matter. This is possible because of new ‘A.I.’-like tech from Microsoft that allows the software to learn the presentations content ahead of time and even adapt to the speakers accent.

Beside great accuracy, Microsoft Translator + Phonak Roger allows: automatic translation to multiple languages (great for ESL students), no recurring charges, free transcripts, captions for the entire classroom, and last but not least the availability to connect the Roger signal direct to hearing aids/sound field speakers.


What is needed to generate live captions:

-Roger SF Touchscreen Mic

-Roger DigiMaster X

-Laptop w/Windows 8 or above

-Presentation Translator for PowerPoint (free download)

-WiFi/Wired Internet connection


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Classrooms and workplaces that use Microsoft translation and transcription software paired with Roger products also provide a better hearing experience for students and coworkers. Those with hearing loss can receive an extra boost when using products like Phonak MyLink FM.

Though hearing aids are critical for those with hearing loss, they may not cover every situation. That’s where Roger products come into play. Phonak receivers pick up on sound through products like the Roger DigiMaster X and deliver excellent sound quality directly to the wearer’s hearing aids or cochlear implants with a T-coil.

The Phonak MyLink FM is a multi-frequency receiver with a universal neck-loop that delivers sound straight to the wearer. While the transcription software works to provide students a high-accuracy transcription of a lecture or employees a translation and transcription of a work meeting, they are benefitted from hearing with improved clarity thanks to the receiver.

For students or employees that experience hearing loss, receivers and mics that boost sound reception are critical for full participation. This technology is not just beneficial for the monolingual environment but for places where more than one language are spoken. Students who want to study

abroad or employees who are considering a job in a country foreign to their own should consider this assistive technology for a smooth transition to their new locations.

Phonak MyLink FM is multi-use and works for those with hearing aids or cochlear implants as well as those with regular hearing who are situated far away from the speaker.