Live captioning is often the first and best choice for many students that are hard of hearing.  Captioning provides all of the below benefits:

*Reduce professor vocal fatigue

*Facilitate more effective attention and learning

*Creates notes/transcript to study from

Until now, live captioning has been an ongoing and costly endeavor. Working alongside Phonak Roger technology, Microsoft Translator for Education finally brings an accurate, cost effective alternative.

This new marriage of technology features: >90% accuracy – sometimes even better than live transcriptions with technical subject matter. This is possible because of new ‘A.I.’-like tech from Microsoft that allows the software to learn the presentations content ahead of time and even adapt to the speakers accent.

Beside great accuracy, Microsoft Translator + Phonak Roger allows: automatic translation to multiple languages (great for ESL students), no recurring charges, free transcripts, captions for the entire classroom, and last but not least the availability to connect the Roger signal direct to hearing aids/sound field speakers.


What is needed to generate live captions:

-Roger SF Touchscreen Mic

-Roger DigiMaster X

-Laptop w/Windows 8 or above

-Presentation Translator for PowerPoint (free download)

-WiFi/Wired Internet connection


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