As promised let’s talk about the Phonak Roger Pen:

It comes as no surprise that Comfort Audio isn’t the only manufacturer doing incredible things in the world of assistive technology. Phonak, a leader in FM technology for decades, has focused on a hearing aid re-boot and developed a completely new type of wireless transmission protocol, named “Roger.” Roger products use a technology that features adaptive, wireless transmission on the 2.4 GHz band. Roger technology hops frequency to frequency automatically to ensure there is never any interference. What this means for you and your students is you’ll never have to worry about channel planning or poor signal quality. In addition, Roger technology features the best automatic and adaptive noise reduction available today. This ensures your student will get the benefit of an improved signal to noise ratio not only due to proximity to the speaker, but also because of noise reduction. Phonak technology allows for multiple Bluetooth connections for cell phone use, TV connectivity, computer connectivity and audio input for listening to other media. This is the kind of hearing aid re-boot everyone has been waiting for.

Featured Phonak Roger mic: Roger Pen
• Ideal for lecture 1 on 1
• Dynamic high noise situations
• Automatic noise reduction and gain settings

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Additional product notes:

Comfort Audio and Phonak Roger products are compatible with virtually every make and model of hearing aid or cochlear implant. The dynamic systems used for our hearing aid re-boot are expandable to accommodate multiple users within the same classroom. Lastly, both new systems are significantly more sleek in design, in line with the look and feel of modern technology.