Let’s be honest… sometimes hearing aids don’t measure up!

If you have a hearing loss and have already been fit with a hearing aid,  you know hearing can still be difficult at times. Naturally, you might be asking yourself:


To answer this question you must define the situations a hearing aid can solve. A hearing aid is extremely effective in the near field. This means if a listening situation is occurring with about 5-8 ft of you, a hearing aid can handle most every demand. Most issues with hearing aids arise outside of this near field bubble. Life doesn’t happen in a neat 5-8 ft circle! Most listening situations are dynamic and happen in all types of noise and at varying distances. For these dynamic situations (far field situations) an assistive listening device (ALD), specifically an FM system is justifiable. FMs allow for a microphone to be placed at the sound source to pick up the sound of interest. Sound can then be wirelessly relayed to your hearing aids. An FM can therefore effectively overcome the effects that distance, noise and room acoustics have on a sound.

Quick Facts:

**Where hearing aids fall short is where an FM shines:
1. In background noise a hearing aid directional microphone can  increase signal to noise ratio 3-5 dB. An FM system can boost the SNR at the hearing impaired individuals ear by 15-25 dB.
2. At a distance: with each doubling of distance, sound arrives at a hearing aid 6 dB SPL softer. An FM places a microphone at the sound source. Therefore sound arrives at your ear at a comfortable level, regardless of distance.
3. Poor acoustic environments: Reflection of sound from hard surfaces in a room can increase the background noise and yield a lower signal to noise ratio. This means a degraded signal reaching the hearing aid. An FM places a microphone at the sound source. Therefore sound arrives at your ear free of environmental distortions.


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