Hearing at work can be real struggle for those with hearing loss. Whether in a cubicle or in the conference room, hearing aids can only go so far in helping a listener home in on what is being said. Background noise is often one of the most significant problems for hearing aid wearers, as many hearing aids pick up on the background noise more than a speaker standing several meters away.

To combat this problem, Phonak has created a dynamic line of Roger microphones and receivers to bridge the gap between what hearing aids accomplish and where they fall short. Directional microphones help pick up on speech from multiple speakers all around long conference tables and even if the speakers are moving about the room. Receivers transmit sound that the mic picks up on directly to the wearer, providing better comprehension of what is being said than otherwise.

Hearing at work shouldn’t be a hurdle that has to be overcome. Many employees who struggle to hear properly in varying work environments hesitate to get involved in conversations or offer their ideas to a discussion. Communication is critical for workplace advancement and involvement on every level.

If you find yourself straining to hear coworkers, hesitating to offer suggestions, or shrinking away from participating because you can’t hear properly, Roger products might be the extra boost you need. Even just a single mic and receiver can help improve your hearing at work. Don’t get held back from discovering your full potential because you can’t hear well at work.

What is it truly like managing in the workplace with a hearing loss? Sometimes the best way to gain perspective is to go straight to the source!

Today I share with you an  blog entry from Hear2Work. Specifically, a first hand account of managing hearing loss in the workplace. It is our

intent that feedback like this can be a tool to help you plan better for your own communication success at work.

Interview with Hilary – “Company Director”

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