In past entries we spoke about the Phonak Roger Pen. In April Phonak added to their line-up of Roger wireless devices, adding the Roger Table Microphone (RTM). The RTM is a dedicated solution for large group situations and features:

  • Sound processing tailored for meetings
  • Multi-talker network – connect with several RTMs or other Roger microphones in the Roger Work Life portfolio
  • Range – 20 meters to receiver
  • Compatibility – with virtually every hearing aid and CI there is a compatible Roger receiver
  • Battery life – 20 hours
  • Remote control – direct your listening experience

The Phonak Roger Microphone is an impressive addition to the suite of products to help those who deal with hearing loss. The microphone is ideal to use in common workplace situations like meetings and conference room presentations.

Though hearing aids have come a long way in recent years, they often don’t provide enough hearing support. Even in quiet meetings, hearing aid wearers have to contend with disturbing background noise such as shuffling papers, the air conditioner, coughs, and whispers. When speakers are farther than several meters way, the sound quality of their voice significantly diminishes, as well.

Hearing well in meeting and conference room environments requires more than hearing aids. This is where the Phonak Roger Microphone comes in. When one or more microphones are placed on the conference room table, sound is automatically picked up from the speaker and instantly transmitted to the hearing aid wearer. The microphone can transmit sound through a receiver to hearing aids or to cochlear implants. If listeners want more control over the listening experience, a remote control can be used to direct the microphone toward a speaker.

When using more than one microphone, the Roger system connects and works together to automatically distinguish the nearest speaker. These microphones have been created to provide the best listening environment possible. By hearing better, the listeners will be able to focus on participating and weighing into conversations. The Phonak Roger Microphone enables employees to fully participate, enjoy meetings, and get the most out of conference room setups.

Listen below!