In part 2 of our assistive technology reboot, let’s talk about what’s new in the industry.

Gone are the days of relying on basic analog or digital FM technology. No longer should your students be worried about a noisy signal, limited range, dropouts or delay.Comfort Audio, an industry leader in FM technology, created a completely updated digital radio technology. At the heart of the redesigned was technology was “Secure Stream Technology” or SST.

This breakthrough digital processing eliminates the concerns and pitfalls that previously plagued traditional FM systems. SST features ensure no transmission noise, so your student hear the professor and their classmates with excellent clarity. With SST range has improved up to 100 feet while also eliminating any transmission delay between instruments. That means you can be certain your student doesn’t always have to sit front and center, and will hear speech in real time. Maybe most important is the improved linear dynamic range compared to traditional FM systems. What this means for your student is optimal access to ALL speech sounds necessary for understanding.

Comfort Audio technology allows for multiple Bluetooth connections for cell phone use, TV connectivity, computer connectivity and audio input for listening to other media.
Featured Comfort Audio mic: DC10 Table Top Microphone

• Ideal for group and discussion sections
• Stationary noise situations
• Perceptual Speech Enhancement

Check back soon for a continuation of our series on new ALD technology. Up next: ALD Tech Re-Boot: Part 2.5